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More about the Ibizan Hound


The breed originates from the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Ibiza, Minorca and Formentera, where it is know under its original name of “Ca Eivissec”.  It is also common in Catalonia, around Valencia, in Roussillon and Provence, where it is known under the names of Mallorqui, Xarnelo, Mayorquais, Charnegui and Chien des Balearic. 
It is believed that the breed was brought to these islands by the Phoenicians and maybe also by the Romans. 
It is a typical representative of an ancient robust type of dog and one of the oldest that can be traced back thorugh time. Drawings of these dogs have been found in the Egyptian tombs and pieces of art taken from these to museums around the world, some dating back to around 3400 BC.
They are used mainly for rabbit hunting without weapons and guns, both by day and by night. Using it's agility, good hearing and hunting instinct, it's quick to seek out and catch its prey.

A very kind and open dog describes the breed well. Loved by children, who seem to sense its friendliness and playful mind. It is easily upset if harshly corrected as its extremely good hearing. (Note the beautiful and large errect ears!)
This makes it a dog one absolutely should not shout commands at all the time.
It also has a very good nose and is excellent at tracking down its quarry by following its scent.
Ibizans are very strong and untiring dogs and are even to this day used for hunting both by day as well as at night, either singly or in groups.
It is not a breed that just dashes off and doesn't come again, but is good at retrieving and a hunt with them is just as successful even without the use of guns! It is said that a couple of Ibizans, without much difficulty, have managed to catch up to 100 rabbits in one day.
However, these qualities are mostly unusable where we live so they must manage with artificial lure coursing, retrieving and several have shown a flair for obedience and the like.
But above all it is also a lively, loving and devoted family dog!
One piece of advice to future Ibizan owners is, that one should be extremely careful where one lets this dog run loose!
One must be a long way from roads with heavy traffic and any possible wild prey that it might run after.
It is a tireless hunter, so be warned! The best one can do is to go regularly to obedience training and thereby get a reasonable amount of control over the dog.
A big run is a must with a high fence around that is at least 180 cm high as this breed is a strong high jumper - even from standing without a running jump, it can reach amazing heights!


Odd facts about the breed:
First registered in Spain in 1922.
First registered in FCI in 1931.
First import to England in 1926.
First time shown at Crufts in 1929. 




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