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Children's names and ages (if any):



Who in the family wants a dog?:



How did you hear about Elfstone Kennels?:



Have you owned a dog before?:



If yes, what breed(s)?:



Do you have any pets now?  How many and what kind?:



Tell me more about the pets that have graced your life:



What appeals to you about an Ibizan Hound? Why do you want to have an Ibizan Hound come to live with you?:



Have you read any books, literature, etc. about Ibizan Hounds? Have you visited with any?:



Do You live in an apartment, condo, or house?:



Do You own or rent?:



Does your landlord allow pets?:



Do you have a fenced in yard?  What kind of fence?  How tall?:



Where will the dog stay when you are not at home?:



How do you feel about crate training?:



Do you plan on enrolling your Ibizan in a obedience class?:



Who will be the primary caregiver of your Ibzian?:
How long will your Ibizan be left alone during a course of an average day?:



What age and sex are you interested in?:



What is your color and coat texture preference in an Ibizan? :



If you purchase a companion Ibizan would you consent to a spay/neuter contract?:



As part of my contract if you are unable to keep the female/male Ibizan Hound you will contact me immediately and agree to make arrangements with me to return the dog to my possession along with signed over AKC Registration papers.  Will you agree to this?




Please add anything about yourself that will help us understand how a Ibizan hound would fit your home and lifestyle. Include amount & range of physical activity, travel, entertaining, "noise level" of household, anything you want to add about your children, other pets, etc:  



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